Why hello again!

Welcome to week four of your six weeks of Style Extras. And, if I haven't said it lately, thanks again for becoming a Poplin client. It just keeps getting better. We've discussed undergarments already, but trust me, there's always more to learn. Today we'll look at some more advanced options.

How many times have you found the perfect outfit only to discover that your standard undergarments are getting in the way of you looking your best? Never again! Your undergarments should be enablers not style blockers. They should empower you to wear something you might otherwise be hesitant to and have you doing it with confidence.

So here are some unexpected bras that do just what you need them to when you need them to do it. Once again I've opted to describe each so you can just use the handy google to find a selection of each type of bra. 

Wackadoodle and Yet Totally Necessary Bras to Ensure You Own Your Look

1. The look: Backless, strapless and with a plunging neckline

There's no need to go sans bra just because your look is oh-so-sexy. In fact, going braless is a surefire way to obliterate the sophistication of your look. This bra offers support for the most challenging of dresses. 

2. The look: Backless, strapless

Whether you need a strapless bra or just want to avoid fussing with your straps all evening, this backless strapless option allows you to show off your sexy back without worrying about your sexy front.

3. The look: A t-shirt

It's not all cocktail parties and formal affairs. Often the everyday bra can be as challenging to find as the special occasion undergarment. If you are looking to avoid visible seems or bumpy lace while still maintaining support, this is how you do it. Remember, a nude bra is best under a white tee. 

4. The undergarment: Bandeau

Yes, you do need a bandeau. But, it is not a bra. Rather, it should go over a strapless bra. Think of it as an accessory. Bandeaus are perfect under sheer tops, tanks with deep sleeve holes or dresses. A bandeau is a fun alternative to a tank top or cami. 

5. The undergarment: Convertible with a plunging neckline

This bra is a must have. The plunging neckline ensures that any top or dress with a deep v or cowl will not reveal your undergarment. Equally important, you can change the strap configuration to accommodate a variety of needs including halter and criss cross. 

6. The undergarment: Convertible bustier

Sex appeal isn't just for your wedding night. If you need a strapless bra for your look, why not consider a bustier for the after party? And this isn't just for your partner. This is for you, my dear. When you see yourself in this, you'll be reminded of your inherent beauty and strength. Think Wonder Woman.

7. The undergarment: Camisole with built in bra

It's a one stop shop. Seamless camis smooth everything out and work well under sheer options. A cami with a built in bra allows you to avoid adding a bra into the mix. Of course, if you need full support, you may be happier with a traditional bra. If that's the case, a simple cami without a built in bra may be a better fit for you. 

8. The undergarment: Racerback push-up

Of course, there are myriad push-up bras to give you a little extra lift. Unless you are especially busty, it's nice to have a push-up or padded bra in your collection for the times you'd like the girls to be center stage (or at least, have a role in the play.) If your outfit allows, try something more fun than a standard nude or black choice. Matching underwear makes every woman feel incredible. Just sayin'. 

Of course, there are more bras out there. And, yes, if things get desperate you can try an adhesive option. But, the goal here is to help you buy that jumpsuit, dress, romper, sexy shirt without another thought. If we can't solve all the world's problems, we can at least rock the appropriate bra while trying. As always, reach out if you need me.