Hey! What's that on your face?
Things I learned from Bluemercury's Marla Beck

Sharpen your #2 pencil and test your skincare ingredient knowledge with the following quiz

(By the way, you should know that all of these questions came out of a single conversation with Marla. She's like a walking, talking encyclopedia of genius-level skincare wisdom. Read more about the Bluemercury Seattle opening here.)

1. What vitamin is a humectant (meaning it draws water to it)? The molecule will hold 2,000 times its weight in water.
2. This increases the pace at which a wound heals by 20%. What is it?
3. What has more Beta-carotene than carrots and can be found in the M-61 Jet Glow products coming out in June?
4. Vitamin A and Vitamin C both do something that is difficult to do and very important for your skin. What is it?
5. What food is a wound healer, exfoliates and can be found in the M-61 Hydraboost cream?
6. What comes from blueberries and walnuts and is used in Asia as a brightener? You'll find it in M-61 Vitablast C.
7. How many days in a typical week should you use sunscreen?
8. What are the most important elements of your skincare routine throughout the years?