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How do I Wear More Than One Color in an Outfit?

If you've met or seen photos of me, you're pretty familiar with my love of color and print. This becomes noticeably more prominent simply because we live in the Northwest. After all, we love our grey. (Don't tell anyone, but I'm a huge fan of grey, myself.) As a personal stylist, I help women discover how to communicate who they are through their clothing. For some women, that includes color and print. For others, it does not. Both are great. Really. We don't all need to "wear more color." That being said, I find that many women would like to integrate more color into their wardrobe. But, the question is exactly how. And you know, Dear Reader, I live for these sorts of questions. So, here's a quick tutorial on mixing and matching colors in your outfit. P.S Here's a fun fact: Sir Isaac Newton was the first to organize colors around a wheel starting with the different wavelengths of light. I love Wikipedia. 

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