Guest Post: How to Care for Your Leather and Suede

You might as well bookmark this now. I’ve asked one of my favorite people, Maggie Burns, co-owner of re-souL in Ballard to give us the low down on taking care of leather and suede. I’ve had LOTS of questions from clients about this lately. Maggie is the first person I think of for such things as re-souL carries very high quality shoes and accessories made from Italian leather including the re-souL shoe line made in Italy and designed by Maggie, right here in Seattle. (Maggie also volunteers with me styling homeless youth each month at YouthCare.) strongly suggest you swing by the shop (or go online) to order leather care products that re-souL stocks. I like to pick up Otter Wax, for example, as a stocking stuffer each year. And while you are there you might as well pick up some shoes, jewelry, handbags, socks…….

How to Care for Leather

Shop Small Saturday: Finally a Discount on Poplin Services Just for YOU

Happy holiday weekend, Dear Reader! As a personal stylist for women and a small business owner in the PNW, I knew I’d need to have something good to celebrate the official kick off of the shopping season. So, here we go.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing What to Wear in Family Photos

Whether you are taking candids at home or hiring a professional photographer, trying to determine what to wear for family photos can be challenging. As a personal stylist, I get this question often. Having just taken our family photos for the year, the time is right for some tips on selecting what to wear that represents your authentic personal style and is reflective of your family right now. After all, that’s what we’re documenting for, right?

One more thing, right now, Poplin readers save when booking a photo shoot with the Happy Film Company. Take a look at my recent post with our family photos and all the details.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing

What to Wear in Family Photos

The Ideal Family Photos- Stylish + Affordable

We just got back the images from our family photo shoot with the Happy Film Company and they are SO good. There's a sample of our images to give you an sense of what I'm talking about. They are the perfect mix of silly, serious, grown ups, kid (there's just one). So, I asked the company owner, Chamonix Brown (also the videographer behind the Poplin video) to offer up a little something for the Poplin community. Here it is! The time to document your lovely family is now. Or, if you are up for a photo shoot that shows YOU off, reach out. I live for this stuff. 

Your Super Deal

Guest Post: Happiness. The Perfect Accessory for Any Outfit

It’s free, and accessible at any moment.  Have you ever noticed that when you feel good, you look good too?  Check out these 6 powerful tips from Transformational Life Coach Lena D. Meyer to access greater joy in just 5 minutes or less - boosting your look, and your mood, in a beautiful way.

Items needed

5 minutes + a quiet space to reflect + a notebook and pen + you

6 Steps

Microblading at Splash Extensions. I Did It! You Can Too!

As a personal stylist for women, I hear a lot of questions. Yes, there are lots of questions about clothes. But, when I'm working with a client, it goes well beyond clothes. It's not uncommon for one of my clients to simply have never learned about style, makeup, hair. Often, she was busy doing other things that were more interesting to her. Then, she looked up years later and discovered she was missing some of the skills that would make style a fun part of her life, not a stressful chore. This naturally leads to questions on hair, makeup, skincare, undergarments, waxing. You name it, I've been asked about it. After all, once we've been in a dressing room together, most other inhibitions are long gone.

So, when microblading came on the scene, I heard a lot of questions about it. According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, "microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure whereby hair-like incision strokes are created along the eyebrow to attempt to either enhance, reshape or create a natural looking appearance on the brows." 

Pinup Salon: City Skills with a Small Town Feel

As a personal stylist for women in the Seattle area, I get lots of questions about style. As we move further into the styling process, I start to get lots more questions about everything else. From hair to skincare to philanthropy and summer camps for kids: You name it. I've been asked about it. 

So, when I'm able to offer up another option for clients and readers, I'm elated. After all, I only recommend what I truly love. As each client has her own unique personal style, it's vital that I connect her with resources that are right for her. Enter Pinup Salon.

Pinup Salon: Why I'm Into It.

Win a FREE Pair of Shoes from the re-souL Collection!

As a personal stylist in Seattle, I've been very fortunate to develop relationships with lots of local businesses, makers and all around incredible people. As if time with great people isn't enough, I also get to share all sorts of beautiful pieces with you, Dear Reader. I've been a long time friend and fan of re-souL in Ballard. In fact, one of the owners, Maggie, also volunteers doing styling sessions with me at YouthCare each month. 

Therefore, I'm beside myself with anticipation as we kick off the spring re-souL giveaway. The lucky winner will get to choose a pair of shoes from the re-souL collection to keep for her very own. The re-souL Collection is Maggie's brainchild. She designs the shoes here in Seattle and has them made in Italy with high quality materials. She always pays close attention to upcoming trends AND ensuring that every pair is comfortable enough for a woman on her feet all day. 

The re-souL + Poplin Style Giveaway:

8 Days. 8 Pairs of Shoes to Choose From. 

32 Minutes With Poplin Style- From Dressing Your Age to Communicating your Style and More

When the good people at Genneve reached out to me about becoming a guest on the brand podcast, I was intrigued. The company focuses on providing tools for women in mid life. And, I'm all for more resources to face daily hurdles. As a personal stylist for women, my job is an attention getter, for sure. And, it's pretty common for folks to have questions about my work and more likely, to pick my brain about their style challenges. 

I had no idea how

Let's Hear it for Love & Simply Matchmaking.

One advantage of my job as a personal stylist, is that I often have the pleasure of being the go-to person for my clients on a wide range of topics. Whether they are looking for an aesthetician, a hair stylist or an interior decorator, I’m often asked for referrals. This has become especially fun as so many new people are moving to our city. Because so many folks arrive telecommuting at the job they had before they moved or happen to be following a partner, it’s common for me to the be one of the first people they meet.

I describe the consultation as an opportunity for me to try to get inside a client’s head as much as possible. Using that information along with her budget, her body type and her lifestyle, we create a strategy for her personal style moving forward. Really, my job is to see people. And part of that is understanding where someone is in her life and where she wants to be.

Commonly, this includes conversations about

Shop Small Seattle: Pick a Neighborhood. There's Something Just for You.

Well hello there, Dear Reader!

I trust you are gearing up for the holiday weekend. If you are on the Poplin email list, you received word earlier this morning about some hot spots for Small Business Saturday. If not,

Where Can I Find a Hip Raincoat?

What are we on now- day 3 of stormy weather? I really have no concept of time. But, I can tell you that as a personal stylist for women, every weather event is an opportunity to think about what to wear and how to offer tips to my clients and you, Dear Reader. So, naturally, this insanity has brought me to a solid, comprehensive coats on raincoats. 

Before we begin, let me say that when you are wearing something incredible that makes you look and feel good, we want to avoid tossing your North Face jacket over top simply because, "it's comfortable and keeps me dry." That is true. But does it communicate your personal style? Is it at the level that you are or the level that you are headed to? Does it say, "director" or "leader" or whatever you want the world to see? I'd argue that it doesn't. So, when perusing these guys, keep your personal style in mind as not every jacket is right for every woman AND not every jacket is right for everyday. This list is predominantly cool kid coats that work well with casual ensembles. I'll call out the choices for dressier options. Good? Okay, let's go!

10 Raincoats When You Want to Look Cool and Stay Dry

Ilse Jacobsen for Rain, For Life.

I fell in love with Ilse Jacobsen sometime in 2013/2014 when I finally realized she was the woman behind an unexpected rain boot. They were a mashup between a pair of traditional rubber boots and a pair of Docs. At least, that's how I viewed them. Naturally, she's Scandinavian because that's always been a sweet spot of mine. When I discovered her stylish rain gear. I was hooked. Soon after, Nordstrom started offering a raincoat or two of hers online only. To try one on, I went to Scandinavian fashion central in Seattle: Pirrko. If you haven't heard of this shop, here's my post from then all about it. 

If I haven't mentioned it on the blog already,

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts/ Glorious Gifts for the Fellas. Go!

As you know, Dear Reader, I'm a personal stylist for women primarily in the Seattle area. But, that certainly doesn't keep me from diving into all sorts of super cool menswear options. I'm always keeping a list of noteworthy options for the men and at some point is just gets too long to keep to  myself any longer. Lucky for us, Father's Day is a nice excuse to share a sea of awesomeness that will be helpful to you now and in the future. Let me know what you think!

10 Places to Shop and Things to Buy for

the Fella in Your Life.

Vain's Scott Tomlinson Offers Up 3 Things You Wish Someone Had Told You About Hair.

As a personal stylist for women in Seattle, I am regularly asked for recommendations for hair, skin, tailors. interior designers, you name it- someone has asked me about it. You know how I feel about clothes, Dear Reader. Recognizing your authentic personal style means that when you are rocking the pieces that you KNOW are just right for you and your body, you will be filled with confidence. Even better, you'll spend your time thinking about how you plan to change the world, rather than why your skirt keeps riding up.

Undoubtedly, your hair and your wardrobe are pieces of the same puzzle. With that in mind, I reached out to my our long time (as in he's spent years doing my hair as well as cutting my husband's) meticulous stylist, Scott Tomlinson at Vain Ballard. If you haven't already seen him in the window at Vain, you surely will now. Scott's attention to detail is unmatched and he's built a hefty following around the world with his expertise in short haircuts. Hairbrained reposted a photo of one of his cuts on Instagram as a favorite from the HBShoot Out. Translation: Hair professionals and hair junkies agree, he's got talent. Time for tips!


3 Things You Wish Someone Had Told You About Hair

Everling Jewelry is all about YOU, the Environment, and Transforming the way Fine Jewelry is Made

"Wow! That's gorgeous. Can I try it on?"

And that's how it all began. I recently spent an afternoon filled with information, insight, laughs and some breathtaking jewelry thanks to local jewelry designer, Adrienne Krieger, owner of Everling and life coach, Lena D. Meyer of Gratitude6. Adrienne generously hosted Lena and me for a tour of her studio and a discussion about her tireless work to change the way jewelry is made. Naturally, a couple of hours of this can fill more than one blog post. So, below you'll find the top 5 things you simply MUST know about Everling. Like Bluemercury CEO, Marla Malcolm Beck and Dermaspace Owner, Jody Leon, Adrienne's brain is filled with riveting information that I'm dying to share. So, expect to see more fun facts from Adrienne in future blog posts and newsletters.


5 Super Cool Things About Everling Jewelry

Seattle Sunday: J.Hilburn. Custom Menswear without Leaving your Home or Office.

Few things are as satisfying as feeling confident in what you are wearing. That moment when you look in the mirror and you know that you look exactly as you should. You look like YOU. As a personal stylist for women, I spend my time helping clients achieve that goal. Of course, men should also have that opportunity. And, when I come across something too good to pass up, I have to share.

Enter J.Hilburn, a men's bespoke clothing company that maximizes the fun and creativity of custom clothing, while minimizing the back-and-forth between the client and the clothier. We recently had a custom shirt made for my husband, and we were thrilled with the results.


How it works.

The process starts with a J. Hilburn representative coming to your fella's office and taking his measurements. The client then chooses fabric and details for his custom shirt. We worked with Ashley and I'd recommend her, for sure. Lucky for me, that also meant I got to help mastermind the shirt. After all of this is done (it takes less than an hour depending on how indecisive you are), she sends off the order. The shirt is made by hand to the client's specifications. Ashley also gave background on the factory, etc. so that we were assured of the working conditions of the tailors.

Then, you wait as in you sit and fantasize about the shirt (or pants, or blazer, or suit) of dreams that is about to come your way. It's not long, about 2-4 weeks, depending on your specifications. When Ashley returns (that's right, the stylist personally delivers the order) she's carrying the one shirt (or pants, or blazer or suit) to rule them all. (More on that later.) She meticulously checks the fit and if anything is slightly off, back to the tailors it goes. Then, ultimately, back to you. 


Why I'm Loving J.Hilburn

JCOCO's Pop Up Means Couture Chocolate at Your Fingertips

As your very own personal stylist, I think a lot about what works for your individual style. That means your body type, your budget and how you want to express yourself with your clothing. This also includes how you like to spend your time. If you live in Seattle, it's highly probable that you spend some portion of your time savoring high quality food that is responsibly sourced, drinking coffee and entertaining out-of-towners. And, of course, let's not forget shopping. 

All worlds collide at JCOCO's new pop up store in Bellevue Square. So, today, it's all about JCOCO and you'll soon see why.

Local chocolatier Seattle Chocolate launched its couture brand, JCOCO, over a year ago. You may have seen my post when things kicked off. As you can imagine, this is chocolate at its finest. 


5 Reasons Why You Need JCOCO in Your Life