Shop Small Saturday: Finally a Discount on Poplin Services Just for YOU

Happy holiday weekend, Dear Reader! As a personal stylist for women and a small business owner in the PNW, I knew I’d need to have something good to celebrate the official kick off of the shopping season. So, here we go.

 Swathy’s style is Confident, Feminine, Chic.

Swathy’s style is Confident, Feminine, Chic.

Shop Small Saturday Deal For Poplin Readers

We VERY rarely offer deals over here, so please take advantage if you’ve been feeling indecisive. To help you out, I’m including some quotes from clients for each deal.

 I-Hua’s style is: Modern, Classic, Tailored

I-Hua’s style is: Modern, Classic, Tailored

For new clients

Purchase the Amplified 360 Package or the Style 360 Package and receive an extra hour free. That’s a $160 value.

Two Christmases ago my husband purchased a Style Update package from Poplin Style. While appreciative, I was also mildly offended because I think I have serious style game. ;) Despite that fact that I enjoy fashion, I had fallen into a serious rut - basically a micro-wardrobe for work and another for play, plus a closet full of clothing that needed major tending and culling. Like many working professionals with young kids, I was short on time and energy to devote to my closet and settled for "good enough." I went from a nonbeliever to upgrading my husband's prepaid package to the Style 360.

-I-Hua, Physician and mom of two young kids

 Kate’s style is Urban Boho, Polished, Funky.

Kate’s style is Urban Boho, Polished, Funky.

For Gifting

Considering purchasing a gift certificate for the holidays? Now is the time. Purchase any gift certificate this weekend and the recipient will receive an extra hour of services for for free. That’s a $160 value. Also, let me know how you’d like the certificate to be delivered, so it all stays top secret until the big day.

My friends always say, “You have such great style” which I attribute to Mellicia! I hadn’t heard that from anyone in a good 12 years and now I hear it multiple times a week. Getting a list of recommendations from Mellicia makes me feel like a kid at Christmas! I “bite” every time – she totally knows me now and she nails my style to a tee. This makes me happy because I don’t have to spend time on Pinterest or all the different shopping websites figuring out what is new – she does this for me!

-Kate, Principal User Experience Designer at a large fashion company and mom of one young daughter

For Existing Clients


Purchase a tailoring appointment of 1 1/2 hours or less for FREE. What? Yup! Please make sure that you have at least 8 items to tailor. And, yes, part of those 8 can be your partner’s items, as long as he/she is at the same appointment. I believe so strongly in great tailoring. I’d love you to try it out, if you haven’t already.

 Ashley’s style is Authentic, Elevated, Expressive. We sourced her pieces from a consignment store and had most pieces tailored to fit perfectly.

Ashley’s style is Authentic, Elevated, Expressive. We sourced her pieces from a consignment store and had most pieces tailored to fit perfectly.

Styling Services

Save 10% on any purchase. Please remember that as an existing client, you’ll be buying individual hours of styling (for any purpose) or wishlists. So, you save even more.

When Mellicia and I sat down initially I told her I wanted to source the majority of my clothing through 2nd hand and vintage shops because of my values around environmental and economic consciousness- I wasn't sure if this was something she would be able to accommodate. Not only was she positive and comfortable with this, but on a shopping trip to a 2nd hand shop she found that I'd never been to we scored one of the best vintage hauls ever! 

Working with Mellicia gave me the opportunity to think more deeply about the woman I am and the woman I want to be and how to embody this through the clothing I wear. She's given me tools to take more risks and feel more empowered and confident in how I present myself.

-Ashley, Pilates Studio Owner and Instructor


Existing clients already receive a $100 credit with every referral who becomes a Poplin client. I LOVE this because it’s delightful to work with a network of friends, co-workers, PEPS group members, etc. If you are one of those folks, you also know that I don’t dress you all the same, which is key when you see one another often.

If one of your referrals becomes a client before December 31st, you’ll receive a $150 credit instead of your normal $100 credit. If you’ve got a friend in mind, this is the time to nudge her. Thanks, as always, for being such integral parts of my everyday. It’s pretty awesome. YOU are pretty awesome.

 Amanda’s style is Aggressively whimsical, sophisticated, fun. We had lots of fun with tailoring.

Amanda’s style is Aggressively whimsical, sophisticated, fun. We had lots of fun with tailoring.

My life is now divided into “Before Mellicia” and “After Mellicia”. In the Before Mellicia times, I’d spend eons idling in front of my closet, surveying the wasteland of anything that could be construed as an outfit. Sure I had clothes, but nothing that resembled style. After Mellicia, going into my closet is a much more “hell yeah!” kind of experience. She showed me how to put outfits together, how to work with my body type, and how to incorporate statement pieces that made my style mine (wow, I actually have one now!). Through Mellicia’s steady guidance, she helped uncover my individual style and how to use what I already had as well as adding in some pieces that I never knew I needed (Me: oh I’m not a leather jacket kind of gal. Wait, I AM! Who knew? Oh right, Mellicia did). Besides being a delightful person to work with, Mellicia provided tactical, actionable advice that I could take away and dress myself like a pro on my own.

-Amanda, Finance Director at a large tech company

The Fine Print: All purchases must be made by 8AM PST on Monday, November 26th, 2018. Please note that your package will most likely be redeemed after January 1st, 2019 based on the current booking calendar. Yes! These deals are applicable to gift certificates, too. And yes, if you’re a spouse or loved one of an existing client, you sure can use the existing client deal to purchase a gift certificate for her or go with the gift certificate deal instead. It’s your call. If you are gifting a Style 360 or Amplified 360 Package, you’ll receive the extra hour for free. If it’s a gift, that’s still just one hour free. Please note that you will not receive automatic confirmation of the deal, but rest assured these deals will be applied manually to any gift certificate, package or service booked before 8AM PST on Monday, November 26th, 2018.

Thanks VERY much for being a member of the Poplin community. I’m grateful that you are here and hope you are enjoying the weekend.