Seattle Sunday: Combat Flip Flops, Bad for Running, Worse for Fighting

Something I love about being a personal stylist is the opportunity to learn from others. Every client is different. She has different preferences, different aspirations and always teaches me something new. Sure, my goal is to teach her how to ensure that her clothes project her authentic personal style. But, that's only the beginning. The process should be transformative, enlightening and above all, enjoyable. 

Something I especially love about being a personal stylist in Seattle is the commitment to community and giving back that I see again and again with each new client. Whether it is a preference to purchase clothing made in America, or with companies who take corporate social responsibility seriously, or quality over quantity, it's not uncommon for new clients to inform me that their clothes are much more than adornment. It is true. Our clothes have the power to communicate our values.

Which brings us to Combat Flip Flops

The lovely Recology team (yes! The new store is finally open in Burien!) introduced me to Griff, the impassioned co-founder of Combat Flip Flops. The slogan says it all, "Flip Flops: Bad for running, worse for fighting." The company was formed by a small group of former Army Rangers  who discovered that after the US left Afghanistan, hundreds of people who worked in Afghan boot factories would be unemployed. They came up with a plan to help put them to work, took action and the rest is history. 

Now, the company goes well beyond flip flops. Bracelets made from detonated land mines offer fashionistas the opportunity to ensure that kids in Laos have safe places to play and people can travel through fields without fear of death or injury. A handmade shemagh means one woman in Afghanistan can attend secondary school for a day. It also means you are supporting a woman-owned factory in Afghanistan, a veteran-owned business in the US and business —  not bullets. And don't get me started on the finest cashmere in the world, which could be yours, while also supporting Afghani women. 

You know how I get when I REALLY love some thing. That's right, Dear Reader. You know me. I can't wait to share. True to that spirit, we're diving in with both feet. Here's how:

Grif will give you some tips and tricks for styling your shemagh. Sure, some of these work with a scarf you already have. But, they'd work a whole lot better with one of these babies. (I should add that I intended to show you some styling tips; but once Griff starts illustrating how these can be used to filter coffee, I realized this was going beyond my area of expertise.) 

Love it? Well, you'll be hearing more about Combat Flip Flops. Until then, don't get too far down the rabbit hole with those videos....