I’ve always loved realizing the potential in things. From my childhood aspirations of painting houses in run-down neighborhoods, to my previous career in philanthropy, I’ve always strived to make a noticeable difference in the world.

I've been styling friends, family members and random people on the street my entire life. Style direction is something that comes naturally to me. When I discovered that not everyone knows their friends's shoe sizes or the most flattering way to pair pieces for their body, I decided to shift career paths to help in a different way. 

My previous work fuels my belief that fashion is for everyone, regardless of wealth (or weight.) Sure, I appreciate the finer things just like anyone else, but I balance "investment pieces" with affordable items to ensure my external style accurately represents who I am, what I value and how I express myself. And that's what I give my clients: a renewed sense of self that reflects who they are in a way that makes them shine. 

- Mellicia Marx, Personal Stylist and Founder

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