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By now you are familiar with my obsession with quality undergarments. We started with your bra and now it's on to your underwear. As if it needs to get any more complicated to get dressed in the morning. You choose your outfit, then your shoes and accessories only to discover that you need just the right pair of underwear to make this whole thing come together.  It's not just about what's clean, it's about how to avoid visible panty lines and ensure comfort throughout the day. Can it also be a shaper? Oh my, the questions. So, today, it's all about underwear. What to buy, when to wear each type and how a great pair can change your life. 


5 Types of Underwear and When to Wear Each 

1. Bikini

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Let us begin with the old standby, bikini underwear. It can be tricky in this day and age to determine exactly what bikini underwear is. In short, it's underwear that does not have full coverage, but is about halfway there. Bikinis are practical and yet sexy, depending on the fabric you choose. Although, you are in danger of showing your panty line. So, try these with items that aren't clingy.  If you love bikinis but want the option of rocking those with a slim fitting skirt, try a seamless pair.

2. Briefs

Briefs provide full coverage. If you struggle with movement, I also recommend TC Wonderful Edge Briefs. Each pair has grippers on the inside seam, keeping your undies in place throughout the day. A word to the wise, just because you are choosing briefs, doesn't mean you need to go for something unattractive and uber practical. Changing your lingerie changes the way you feel about yourself. If everything is stretched out and unattractive, it's not doing you any favors. The goal is to love your bra and underwear so much, that you wish you could parade around the house in it. That can be done with briefs, my dear. Lace is another nice step in getting you there.

3. Thong

Most women opt for a thong when the ultimate goal is to avoid panty lines. Be aware that just because you are rocking a thong, doesn't mean that your underwear is invisible. So double-check the situation in the mirror before you head out. A thong tends to have a triangle in the back and a bit more coverage in front while a g-string does not. You may need a g-string for some clingy silk options, for example. I'd also recommend trying a slip. Often that can reduce panty lines, smooth everything out and make you feel especially sexy. Think Liz Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

4. Boyfriend Shorts

Boyfriend shorts are a nod to menswear. They can be especially sexy while still being conservative, providing the maximum amount of coverage. While they are fun, choosing the right outfit to wear them with, can sometimes be a challenge. Boyfriend briefs are at their best when worn underneath shorts, denim or flowy skirts. I especially love them under shorts and flowy skirts because if they are unexpectedly revealed, they can actually be fun. You might also try them for a fun and functional part of your pajamas. A ribbed tank and a pair of boyfriend shorts are just right for a casual summer night of rest.

5. High waisted underwear

Think girdle. This option was unheard of only a few years ago. But now, high waisted underwear is a valid choice when you are selecting your undergarments of choice. These are best for those of us who are curvier on the bottom half as they can also provide support and help prevent muffin tops. A pair of high waisted underwear can mimic a shaper, which is a real blessing. However, they can very easily communicate that you've given up entirely and think of yourself as an old woman. So, opt for sexy fabrics and colors to turn your hight waisted underwear into something reminiscent of a vintage pinup girl. A matching feminine bra is essential to pull this off. Opt for these under high waisted skirts or pants or dresses that might otherwise show your underwear. Again, take a close look before you head out the door to ensure there are no visible panty lines. 

And there you have it. Underwear shopping can be the first step in embracing your femininity and loving your body. If you've noticed that your body has changed in ways you aren't super enthusiastic about, head out to the lingerie department and remind yourself how beautiful you are at any size, at any age. Functional pieces can be pretty, too. So, think about your wardrobe needs and stay focused. When faced with the practical and boring versus the surprisingly practical and lovely, go with option two. 

Sooner is better, now is best

It's easy to delay when it comes to updating your underwear drawer. Do your best to tackle this before your shopping trip or (if you've opted for the Uber Wishlist) before your pieces begin to arrive. Beautiful and functional undergarments change everything. There's no deadline, so if you don't have them before we head out together. Don't let that stress you out. But, remember, it's important to take time for yourself and invest in pieces with maximum impact. As always, reach out with thoughts or questions. I'm here to help!

P.S. When in doubt, opt for a few pairs of nude and a few pairs of black underwear to get you started. Go with nude undergarments under white pieces. Avoid white under white.